Laser Unicorns

David Sandberg ”Laser Unicorns” is a 28 year old Director living in Umeå, Sweden. He began his career as a motion designer and visual effects artist. At the age of 16 he taught himself 3d animation, in hopes of creating effects for his movies, which has been an interest of his since childhood. Prior to working on Kung Fury, David worked as an in-house Director for Stiller Studios. Stiller Studios is a greenscreen cyclorama studio with a motion control rig, the Cyclops, the largest and most sophisticated motion control system available. Prior to working at Stiller, David freelanced as a Director, doing mostly commercials and music videos. With visual effects playing a big part in most of the productions he was involved with. More than a year ago, David quit his commercial work to start working on his very first ”own” project; Kung Fury.

Prior Experience

Motion Designer at Joy Lab AB Sthlm, 2006 – 2008
VFX Artist at Dallas Sthlm Communication AB 2008 – 2009
Director at Freelance 2009 – 2011
Director at Stiller Studios Production AB 2011 – 2012