Natalie Carrion

Natalie Carrion

Natalie Carrion, 21, started actively on her career as a professional musician as 16-year street musician on Umeå’s streets, in 2012.

“The first time I was there I shook so much that I could not get up, the guitar scene was a bit clumsy and the vocal gang had hit a double knot. And you know? Still, I went back the following day. That decision gave me the opportunity to develop both as an individual and as a musician and it has been crucial for me to come to where I am today. That I could get there the first day and the days after that was because I had a goal that was bigger than my fears. And I still have that goal, to travel around the world and play my music. My goal has been a key to my success. “- Natalie Carrion

But the music interests have been around since she was little. A mother of Sami origin who always had a song ready and a father from the Caribbean who contributed to the salsa rhythm in the home.
The lyrics of the songs on her debut album “A song about life” she wrote herself.
“I would describe the lyrics as an autobiography where my Sami heritage can also take an important place. Minority people’s rights are fundamental pillars of my life that rightly get their place in the music. I usually write music at night, it’s at times, it’s just putting the pen in my hand and then it’s like the emotions write to me. Some want to change the world through politics and I want to make the world better with the music. I want to convey humanity, such as brutality, sorrow, hope, joy, humility, and honesty. “

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