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Sliperiet’s offices and workshops at the artistic campus at Umeå University move in early October into the Tullkammaren in central Umeå. With this move, eXpression Umeå, Kulturverket, and other creative industries with workplace at Sliperiet follow.

The background is that Sliperiet, a research and innovation center, will be rebuilt to create a new interactive environment under new name that can stimulate interest and curiosity about science and technology for all ages, together with the Umevatorium. During the construction phase, Sliperiets offices and workshops move with digital design opportunities to the Tullkammaren, brings it closer to Umeåborna.

The house becomes a cultural hub again

Tullkammaren, located on the northern coast of Umeälven, has since then occupied a whole range of cultural activities, including the Tullkammaren kultur med mediateket, Sveriges Radio Västerbotten, art schools, and galleries, teacher education and the Academy of Architecture. In a few years, it has mostly been offices in the premises, but now one-third of the house is being re-filled with creative activities, as the Sliperite moves in.

At the end of October, Sliperiet’s operations will be resumed in Tullkammaren. Then opens the open workshop FabLab in Sliperiets 3D and textile and electronics workshops, where anyone can do almost anything.

“Sliperiet is currently in a huge development phase and we are looking forward to moving to Tullkammaren and developing the new business together with the Umevatorium while renovating the house on the art campus. The proximity to the city center provides exciting opportunities for reaching new audiences and gaining experience in the new business, “says Madelen Bodin, leader of the Sliperite / Umevatorium.

City center provides several wins

In addition to Sliperiets staff and operations, six organizations join in the move, the two largest being eXpression Umeå and Kulturverket, with the task of taking care of children in Umeå municipality and youth’s creativity.

eXpression Umeå moves to Tullkammaren with its 30 creative entrepreneurs. eXpression’s CEO Marlene Johansson looks forward to the move:

“We are really looking forward to taking up Tullkammaren as a development environment and incubator for cultural and creative industries in Umeå. Tullkammaren has a top position for us, now that we make an extra effort towards future retail and the emerging entrepreneurship.

Hasse Hjortek, artistic director of cultural heritage, also sees profits of moving to central Umeå:

“In many of our projects, we invite children and young people to work in workshops and studios, so I see great value moving closer to the city center, close to Hamnmagasinet, the Library, and Väven. This makes us even more accessible to our target group.

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