Mikael Damberg visits eXpression

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This Friday the Ministry of Industry and Innovation Mikael Damberg, visited eXpression Umeå and Sliperiet, to get a closer look at Umeå’s creative environments. The minister showed great interest in all the young designers and entrepreneurs in the incubator and was particularly curious about their business models.

The Ministry of Industry’s Umeå visit was initiated with a guide through Sliperiet, Umeå University’s research and innovation center and open innovation environment, including an exhibition about the 3D-printed home. The trip then went up to the incubator eXpression Umeå, where the contractors told us about their work. Mikael Damberg also saw and felt the products from the 2017 Summer eXpression, which were exhibited at Formex in Stockholm as well as in Tokyo and now also sold through Designtorget.

The Minister of Economy was particularly curious about the entrepreneurs’ business models, and how they protect their intangible assets, such as music, brands and design. Digitalization gives new business models and a shift in focus: from tangible to intangible assets. Industries like fashion, design, music and movies are building almost their products and services almost exclusively on these assets. The government, with Mikael Damberg at the forefront, is aiming for Swedish companies to take advantage of intangible assets even better.

– The rights discussions are important and we monitor them carefully. It’s about protecting and getting paid for their products and services, “said Mikael Damberg at his Umeå visit.

Creative and cultural industries are raised by the government as a strong growing export business that contributes to a positive image of Sweden.

– We are now running a big bet on the design country of Sweden, to broaden the image. It will strengthen our brand, and benefit both export and tourism, “said the Minister of Industry.

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