No limits. Just great ideas. 

Ideation is a series of workshops for students. Through creative processes, the workshops allow you to generate, communicate and develop your ideas. Here you get to test your entrepreneurial skills and work in teams with participants from different disciplines at Umeå University.

The workshops give insight into the entrepreneurial process, what it could look like and which ways it might take. Each session has a dedicated theme, and an expert on the topic helps to support to develop your idea.

You and your team will get to try out idea generation, market verification, and pitching in front of a jury.


Product design insight and creative outburst.

During summer, as a young creator, you’ll get the chance to take your design from idea to finished product in cooperation with skilled manufacturers in the region.

Summer eXpression is a summer program intended for students in aesthetic education, young undiscovered creators, and innovators. The program focuses on the design of everyday articles, and during the programs seven weeks, you will work with sketches and prototypes to then put your design into small-scale production.

If you want to extend your portfolio, learn more about entrepreneurship, design, packaging, pricing, and production, Summer eXpression is the right program for you.


Break out the creative entrepreneur in you.

You are a creative doer – and you have an idea. eXpress is for the ones with a business idea embryo within the artistic, creative and cultural industries ready to develop further.

You don’t need to have started your business yet. What we do require from you are your commitment and your time. We’ll give you expert coaching, smart methods, and inspiration.


The creative entrepreneur. Elevated. 

Find your focus, build self-leadership and strengthen your long-term ability to adapt to change and development. Our Creative Corporation program, a longterm business development support, is designed to help you with your continued entrepreneurship.

The program lasts for up to two years – the length tailored to your entrepreneurial journey. Through our method, The eXpression Umeå method, we develop a sustainable and resilient business so that you can realize your mission.

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