The creative entrepreneur. Elevated.

Find your focus, build self-leadership and strengthen your long-term ability to adapt to change and development. Our Creative Corporation program, a longterm business development support, is designed to help you with your continued entrepreneurship.

The program lasts for up to two years – the length tailored to your entrepreneurial journey. Through our method, The eXpression Umeå method, we develop a sustainable and resilient business so that you can realize your mission.

And you are?

If you have already verified your business idea, and tested your business model and are ready to develop your business – then Creative Corporation is the program for you.

As a participant, you are expected to be on site and actively participate in coaching, workshops, and activities with other entrepreneurs in the incubator. We believe in co-creation and cooperation; coaching is therefore done both individually and in groups. You need to be able to dedicate time equivalent of half-time employment to the program.

Your time is now

The Creative Corporation program is open for admissions all year. Are you interested in participating or want to know more about the program, please contact one of our program coordinators:


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